DISTA成立于1996年,总部设在美国加州旧金山市,是一家具备直营车公司,停车场,零售业的大型旅运企业;也是NTA(美国国家旅游协会)挑选为接待中国团组的指定旅行社(NTA's China Inbound Program Approved Tour Operator)。 并于2010年获批成为加拿大ADS团体签证特权单位。

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We offer a distinguished range of services that encompass an exceptional summer camp experience, a diverse selection of tour packages spanning the United States and other captivating destinations throughout the Americas, as well as personalized and tailored tour packages. Moreover, we provide exclusive educational and business visiting packages meticulously designed for small and medium-sized business owners.

Our summer camp is crafted to deliver a memorable and enriching experience, blending enjoyable activities with meaningful learning opportunities. Our meticulously curated tour packages allow travelers to embark on an extensive exploration of the United States and other captivating American countries, immersing themselves in unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and remarkable landmarks.

For those seeking a more personalized experience, we take great pride in crafting tailored tour packages that cater to individual preferences, ensuring an unforgettable journey customized to specific desires and interests.

Furthermore, our specialized education and business visiting packages cater specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized business owners, providing valuable opportunities to engage with esteemed educational institutions, businesses, and industry leaders. These programs facilitate professional growth, networking, and cultural immersion, offering an extraordinary educational and business experience.

As we captivate approximately 25,000 customers from China annually, we proudly showcase our wealth of expertise and impeccable reputation in the industry. Our enduring partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Brand USA, Visit California, the Los Angeles Tourism Bureau, the New York Tourism Bureau, and even Harvard University, stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to cultivating lasting and expansive relationships.



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